Valpolicella is the hilly area before the start of the foothills of Verona, in the Veneto region. Valpolicella is synonymous with viticulture because a wide variety of DOCG wines are produced among its hills, including the “Valpolicella”, fine Italian DOC wine, and the famous Amarone wine.


From an architectural standpoint, the Valpolicella landscape is adorned with antique Venetian villas and capitals, churches, parishes, districts and courts.


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Why take a food and wine tour in Valpolicella?

Because you won’t regret it.


In the numerous restaurants and resorts that dot it’s rolling green hills, cultivated with vineyards and olive trees, you can taste typical dishes such as polenta accompanied by cheeses, cured meats, black pudding, lard and cotecchino, all seasoned by the unmistakable oil produced from its ancient olive trees.


Another typical dish of Verona, and so also Valpolicella, is boiled meat with pearà sauce. At the Verona table both sausages and fresh garden vegetables abound.


If you fancy a nice starter, try homemade pasta: tagliatelle, bigoli, lasagne and the inevitable potato gnocchi. Do you want a tip? Order Amarone risotto, made using the famous local wine.


Not to mention the superb DOCG wines, both red and white. In a word, unmissable.


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