Padua is a beautiful city with many artistic treasures and sites of interest. It is defined as the “capital of fourteenth century painting” by art critic Vittorio Sgarbi and, among the many works of art, you can see the frescoes of Giotto (Famous fourteenth century painter) in the Scrovegni Chapel.


But this is not all: Padua is a young city, teeming with delicious cafes for aperitifs and dinner with friends, and perfect for shopping.


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Why visit Padua?

A local saying defines Padua as the “city of four withouts.”


Padua is the city of the saint without a name, as the Basilica of St. Anthony is universally known as “The Saint”.


It is the city of a meadow without grass: the vast Prato della Valle is in fact not actually grassy, but a tree-covered square.


Padua is the city of the rider-less horse: this is the unusually large wooden horse commissioned by the noble Capodilista family for a carousel.


It is the city of cafes without doors because it seems that the doors of the famous Caffè Pedrocchi never close.


Not to miss: the Scrovegni Chapel, Corso Garibaldi and Via Cavour until you reach the Pedrocchi Café, Palazzo Bò, the ancient university of Padua, where even Galileo Galilei taught, the Basilica of St. Anthony with the works of Donatello and Prato della Valle.


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