In popular culture, Bologna is known as the fat (for its food), the learned (for its university) and the red (for the colour of the buildings’ bricks in the city centre and for the widespread “red” political thought). In short, a gluttonous, cultivated and active city, to be visited.


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The city of Modena, recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is characterized by the bell tower of the Duomo, called the Ghirlandina, and by good food.

Why visit Bologna and Modena?

Bologna is a delicious city, it’s sublime cuisine is known all over the world and loved by even the severest of palates: you should certainly taste the prosciutto crudo, mortadella, tortellini, tagliatelle with meat sauce, squaquerone cheese and the legendary piadina. All washed down with a glass of Lambrusco or Sangiovese.


A lively, teeming city: not only with history and ancient university culture, but also with open and friendly people, typically representative of the famous Romagna hospitality.


Not surprisingly, Bologna is a city of porticoes: over 38 km in the city centre alone. They are found in almost all the streets of the city, allowing you to travel many of the city streets while protected from rain and snow. There is a real concentration of shops and local pubs and restaurants teeming with life and a lot of good people.


In Modena you can visit the Cathedral, UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the most important Romanesque monuments in Italy and Europe.


Pay attention to the ringadora stone in the Piazza Grande, the heart of the city, so called because in the Middle Ages it was used by those who, on market days, stood on the boulder and addressed the crowd.


Modena cuisine is renowned throughout Italy. Balsamic vinegar, king of the table, is a fine vinegar made from the must of cooked grapes from Trebbiano and Lambrusco.


Another Modena delicacy, also typical in the Reggio region, is gnocco fritto (fried dumplings), puff pastry made with flour, water, lard, salt and yeast. Taste it with prosciutto, you won’t regret it!


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